Can a country be run like a reality show?

Trump is running the country just like a reality show, entertaining people with futile stories and few are paying attention to the important issues.

Trump is a professional entertainer, and he has done a very good job entertaining the whole world, distracting their attention, while over 2,000 bills have been introduced to Congress. These bills are directed to jeopardize health, education, the environment and pretty much all benefits for the people and the planet.

One of the things Trump used to attract a lot of attention was the claim that ex-President Obama had wiretapped the Trump tower, and he even called an investigation over a claim for which he never had any evidence. His fellow Republicans backed him up at the beginning, but eventually realized that Trump’s arguments were indefensible. It seems like Trump does not listen even to his own party. Even the heads of the Senate Intelligence Committee publicly denied that this episode ever happened.

By now, we are used to read Trump’s tweets almost every day. And it is weird when a day passes without one of his ill-informed complaintive tweets. In a recent interview that he agreed to give to Fox News (his favorite news network), he was asked if he is used to attack everybody and everything on Twitter before fact checking with his staff. His answer was a very expected one, complaining about the coverage that the media does about him, and further saying that “most of” what he writes through Twitter is “good”, and that “one mistake in a month” is not a big deal. Many government and non-government officials, including members of the Republican party have publicly denounced Trump’s tweets arguing that this type of behavior is unpresidential and that it is affecting the government’s legitimacy and credibility.

The thing is, while we all are worried discussing and analyzing his tweets or whether his microwave was wiretapped or not by Obama, Trump is doing some real damage behind the scenes, living us with the smog curtain. People are pressing more and more in order to find out Trump’s true connections with Russia. His tax returns (forever under examination) that could tell the American people a good deal of his personal history are not very likely to be shown. Even though part of his tax returns from the year 2005 was presented recently, it has been very odd to know that this document mysteriously just appeared in a reporter’s mailbox. Yes, just like that. Why would a document this serious, with personal information about the President of the United States, just appear in a reporter’s mailbox? Who would send them? Once again, we are left with the curiosity about his story while Trump is doing some real damage. Trump is running the country just like a reality show, entertaining people with futile stories and few are paying attention to the important issues.

Source: BBC

Source: BBC


The same day that Trump tweeted insulting Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bill H.R.861 was introduced. This bill is aimed at terminating the Environmental Protection Agency. Only a few days later, while tweeting that the crowds protesting in home districts were planned by liberals, the H.R.899 was also introduced with the objective of terminating the Department of Education by the end of 2018. Following the same reality show script, while tweeting angrily about his travel ban, the H.R.785 was introduced in order to decrease the power of the unions that work for the improvement of worker’s conditions. This of course, is good for the millionaires who own big corporations and will be freer to violate the rights of their employees. On January 17, while tweeting about how he won the presidency and the media failed to predict it, the H.R.586 was introduced being called the “sanctity of human life act”, which states that life begins at conception even when we are talking about fertilized eggs that are not inside of the mother’s womb.

Now that we know that he creates lots of attention about some unimportant thing before introducing a huge prejudicial bill, we will see some of the other important bills introduced following the same script. The H.R.610 is aimed at funding private schools while defunding the public ones which is very likely to end up affecting badly the latter ones as they will not meet the standard requirements for low-income students. The H.R.69 is aimed at repealing a rule protecting wildlife, which would give freedom to kill for sport rather than for food, clearly endangering some species that should be protected. The H.R.370 is aimed at repealing the Affordable Care Act and has called a lot of attention even from Trump’s own followers, given the fact that health care would not be affordable for the low-income people and this would make millions of people fall out of their insurance.

The H.R. was introduced in order to defund Planned Parenthood for a whole year unless they assure that the funding is not aimed at abortions, even though only 3% of these resources are actually aimed at abortions. The H.R. 83 is aimed at defunding all those cities that have publicly announced that they would stand as sanctuary cities for undocumented migrants. H.R.147 aims at criminalizing abortion, even though it is already prohibited by the Hyde Amendment. Now the question remains, will we still get distracted instead of paying attention?


Dott.ssa Ana Figueroa


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