James Comey’s testimony against Trump’s word. Who should we trust?

“I don’t think it’s for me to say whether the conversation I had with the president was an effort to obstruct. I took it as a very disturbing thing, very concerning, but that’s a conclusion I’m sure the special counsel will work towards to find out the intention and whether that’s an offense.”

It was once said that “two things only the people anxiously desire: bread and circuses”. We are missing the bread, but we certainly have many circuses going on. On June Thursday 8, the ex Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation presented his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee of the United States. Why is this testimony so important? After Comey’s testimony, the President Donald Trump could face a huge backlash given the weight of such statements. To begin with, James Comey would document his meetings with President Trump because he did not fully trust the President and “was honestly concerned that he might lie” about the nature of such meetings. Why would the Director of the FBI do that? Comey was smart enough to not trust a President who is very prone to scandals and who does not care about anything but himself. For Comey to imply that he did not trust the President of the United States is indeed a very strong statement. But is he the only one who feels like this? Trump has proven to be a very difficult-to-handle-President, not only because of his ill-informed biased daily tweets, but also because of his un-Presidential behavior.

Additionally, this testimony is of so much importance because Comey’s statement would mean that the President of the United States committed a crime: obstruction of justice. This would be because according to Comey, Trump asked him to drop the Russia investigation on the former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, and this means a deliberate obstruction of justice. So it seemed like the testimony was not so much about the Russian hacking the 2016 Presidential election, but rather it was more about how and why would Trump want to cover this up by personally asking the Director of the FBI to stop such an investigation. This should set red flags everywhere. It is a very interesting fact that in all the Obama administration, Comey spoke to Obama seven times. On the other hand, in just a few months, Comey has spoken to Trump nine times. Now, it is difficult just to believe Comey’s words. Proof is needed. There are, however, witnesses (FBI officials) of Comey receiving a phone call from Trump where he explicitly asked him to “lift the cloud” regarding the Russia investigation. Furthermore, Comey also said that there was no doubt that Russia had interfered in the 2016 Presidential Election. Is this not enough to get Trump out of the White House? In the end, on whether Trump committed obstruction of justice, Comey limited to say that he was “sure the special counsel will work towards” that conclusion.

With regard to why Comey decided to go public about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, he said that he did so as a result of the meeting that Bill Clinton had with Loretta Lynch during the electoral campaign. As we know, Lynch was the Attorney General. This prompted Comey to make public the result of the investigation, and that he did so in order to “protect the credibility of the investigation”. We should remember that Comey was criticized for presenting the conclusions of this investigation right before the elections, and he was viewed as one of the causes of Hillary Clinton to have lost the 2016 Presidential election.

On the other hand, the White House was quick in responding to Comey’s testimony, saying that the President is not a liar, that he never asked Comey to stop the Russia investigation and that he never told him that he expected loyalty. Additionally, the White House also stated that Comey can now be considered to be one of the responsible people for leaking classified information. The Kremlin spokesman also expressed that sees Come’s testimony with “distrust”, and Trump’s son Trump Jr. aggressively defended his father on Twitter. Like father, like son. Until when will Republicans defend Trump’s behavior? Until when will the United States` citizens understand that Trump represents a huge threat to democratic institutions? Even Angela Merkel recently stated that the European Union cannot rely on the United States while Trump is president. This statement extends to the entire planet.

Dott.ssa Ana Figueroa

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